i create Instagram stories. that stand out.

Millenials hardly google companies anymore—they “Instagram” them.
Instagram stories are the most viewed and most powerful part of an account now.
They need to be professional, exciting, and interesting.

“Thanks to Instagram, we’ve also been able to crush sales and conversions, drastically increase our online exposure and audience, and scale our business at a rate that’s exceeded the norm and even our own expectations.” —Foundr

More than 200 million advertisers are using Instagram as a primary platform, and many, like Bree Johnson and Erika Geraerts, founders of the $20 million dollar The Frank Body company attribute most of their success to the Instagram platform.

Insta Story ADS.jpg

It’s no wonder I got asked to design stories for several companies.

( @outandup7 )

Then I got questions about how to do it. And more questions and more questions. So I decided to focus in and start a class.

Here’s what I teach:

Insta Story ADS.jpg

  • How to compose, shoot, and edit the best photos or videos using only your phone

  • Creating backdrops and lighting for product shots

  • How to combine fonts

  • How to use color (YES—it’s possible!)

  • How (and when) to create effective collages

  • Designer tips & tricks for visual aesthetics

  • Layering, stickers, and gifs

  • Methods to AVOID (from a graphic designer’s perspective)

  • Apps I use regularly (and ones to DEFINITELY avoid)

  • Methods to engage your audience

Why pay someone else? Why don’t you instead train employees you already have? They actually have been known to get giddy about learning this anyway, and you will only benefit.


I promise you won’t regret it. You have my word. It’s a fun way to continue your employees education and a drastic way to improve your company’s online presence.


oh—and If you’re curious, i also do regular design:

Annual Report | Unbranded Magazine | Living on wheels book | florida sticker | America’s National Parks | Mailers