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It’s a beautiful Friday, and Eric took me on a simple small town date tonight.  We saw the movie Crimes of Grindewald, and then both stepped into BJ’s late, sat down, and the conversations started slow.  I checked my instagram post, sipped on ice cold water, and we ordered a pazooki—basically a giant pan cookie with ice cream on top.  He was surprised I wanted triple chocolate because I hate sugar normally which actually I do in general, but secretly love chocolate.

A buser boy went by and after showing an awkwardly big display of displeasure in front of Eric about his job and after Eric smiled at him to prevent awkwardness, he came over and explained how he was supposed to get cut at 9:30 and it was 10:30 and he had just now gotten cut and wow what a night it had been.

But soon our table talk had turned to more than the events of the day and flavors of dessert. Somehow my incredible power of concentration came up. How I can concentrate so much that it draws others into what I’m concentrating on. How my quiet, focused, and disciplined childhood taught me that. How I tend to live more by feel and not discipline now. How I tend to hate resistance, but how discipline resists how you feel and does things anyway and therefore is fraught with resistance. But also how discipline produces freedom.

For example, I practiced piano an hour or more every day for almost 10 years and in college I had a gift to make way more than the average college student just by teaching piano. I ran every day for almost 8 years and the activities I have been involved in from mountain guiding to biking to skiing and surfing have opened up more opportunities than all my education combined. Being disciplined gives you skill and skills give you value and skills take you places. 

One of Eric’s best friends says he gets up at 5 every morning and in those two hours before the world starts he’s filled 15 journals and written 4 books. He now is a full time author well on his way in the writers world. What are you dreaming of? Discipline will be your best friend in getting there


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