The temptation is going to be to wake up and wonder why should I do anything today—without him? 

The dqnger is going to be looking at the rejection and playing back everything you wish you would have done different and thinking ”I have nothing anyone would ever want. A fool would want that.”

The danger is going to be thinking that there is something wrong with you, that your faults which you know are there, will keep you alone and unhappy.  

Oh but no way, my sister. You are God’s and He gave His life to make you what your are and and because of Him you will never be anything less than perfect in His mind. When people judge, it is more about themself than you. You are brave, strong, loyal, capable—exactly what God needs for the job—we have to know this, otherwise how could we have any sort of confidence going forward?

Throw off those doubts and fears. Realize there are millions in this world who still can’t see their own worth and now you have the eyes to see them, the voice to tell them and the heart to feel them. If you still have doubts and fears, realize that is ok because you can get on yourself for being fearful too. Find a way to give and you WILL heal.

They say to bloom right where you’re planted but you only can if you’re comfortable with WHAT you are.  

Amy Sibert