the best because

Birmingham is a warm-hearted, rich cultural city, diverse and unique with a maze of winding roads, hills, flowers, and views—really delightful and a level of soft, rich beauty I hadn’t seen out west.

Equally delightful was the place I was leaving— a well-established thriving beach community. And I didn’t even know if my car would make it to Birmingham, much less if my business would thrive, if I could build a rich community, be an influence. The idea of navigating my new frontier alone actually scared me to my core. But I embraced the fear and decided it felt like learning to surf all over again.

It was God Who called me out onto these waters—the great unknown, where feet may fail. The risk is uncomfortable to say the least. I may not get this job.  I may not get to fulfill this other deep desire. I might just wait tables here in all reality. And I wonder what dream I should even have? I have no name. I barely have credentials. My passion fades. Nobody knows me, and does anybody even care? I second-guessed my very dreams because it was so uncertain. I pounded my steering wheel and cried because I could crash and burn at any moment and I just had to wait.

I write this because these feelings were reality. And in the midst of it all, there was one hope in my life that was worth every bit of uncertainty, difficulty, hardship, loss I will ever know. I could talk about the incredible people I have met, and stories upon stories of beauty and blessing. But let me pause a moment to tell you about this one thing beyond it all.

If I get nothing else in the world, I will get God. I will more than get Him—He will be my everything.

He will make life worth living. He will set my feet upon a rock. He will satisfy me abundantly in a dry land. He will give me purpose. He will lavish his love upon me. He will hold my hand. He will walk with me. He will light a fire within me.  He will fight for me. He will whisper words of comfort and cause my enemies to wonder.  He will cause the people to marvel. He will lighten my darkness with brilliance.  He will cause my heart to sing for joy. He will turn my desert into a garden, My ashes into beauty. He will turn my mourning into joy. He will be my very life in a world of death. 

If a man has his sail set toward God, He can weather any storm, battle any wind, navigate any elements, and press on. I take another step. I look around and everything sways.  I feel the pressure in my chest, swallow hard, I look back up. Only upward does my heart find rest. He is there.

Because He lives, I will live. And I will move mountains.  My best will be broken, but He will break chains, build life, free captives, and resurrect the very dead with it. And fully satisfied, I will fall on my knees and worship.


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